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Raagen HTM Series Servohydraulic Test Machines are high precision and affordable solutions to the needs for high capacity tensile, compression, flexural bend and shear testing applications.

HTM Series Servo Hydraulic Test Machines standard models feature large diameter columns and rugged components for superior servo hydraulic load frames stiffness and durability.

HTM Series has large test area, suitable for test specimens with large fixtures safely and efficiently. HTM Series high capacity test machines provide force capacities between 600 kN and 2000 kN (up to 5000 kN as horizontally).

These servo hydraulic test machines are configured with an open-front hydraulic wedge action grip or hydraulic side action grip design to improve operator safety and features a number of jaw faces to cover a large range of tensile test specimen sizes for both of cylindric and flat type.

Raagen also offers custom design hydraulic test machines in higher capacities or various configurations.


Basic HTM Series Hydraulic Test Machines Configuration

Hydraulic Tensile Test Grips

Designed with an open front, the hydraulic grips and crossheads provide an efficient gripping solution. Specimens can be loaded with lower operator force, as safely and reliable.

Load Cell

Load measurement of hydraulic tensile test machines is measured directly from the center of the loading axis by a precision strain gauge load cell system. Load data is not affected by actuator friction allowing the hydraulic drive system to be sealed.

Hydraulic Power Unit

Raagen HPU’s are used to provide varying flow rates of hydraulic oil and they designed by Raagen Hydraulic Engineers.

Raagen variable pressure pumping system supplies pressure on demand. During the test, the pump output increases as the testing load is increased

Test machines are equipped with servo valve to able to get precision control.

Electronic Control Unit, Data Acqusition System and Material Testing Software

An integrated Doli EDCi Series electronic controller provides high speed, closed-loop servo control, and data acquisition on load, extension, and different input channels according to configuration. Standard features include between 1000 Hz-10.000 Hz data transmittion rates, ethernet or USB communications, and automatic calibration and recognition of transducers. Test & Motion material testing software is capable for wide range testing applications.

Raagen HTM – S Series Single Space Hydraulic Test Machines:

Available models:

HTM - 600 kN - S Hydraulic Test Machines

HTM - 1000 kN - S Hydraulic Test Machines

HTM - 1500 kN - S Hydraulic Test Machines

HTM - 2000 kN - S Hydraulic Test Machines

Raagen HTM – H Series Dual Space Hydraulic Test Machines

Available models:

HTM - 600 kN - H Hydraulic Test Machines

HTM - 1000 kN - H Hydraulic Test Machines

HTM - 1500 kN - H Hydraulic Test Machines

HTM - 2000 kN - H Hydraulic Test Machines



Type Unit HMT - 600 - S HMT - 1000 - S HMT - 1500 - S HMT - 2000 - S
Fmax kN 600 1000 1500 2000 (higher capacities available upon request)
Test Zones   Single Single Single Single
Top Crosshead   Fixed or Adjustable Fixed or Adjustable Fixed or Adjustable Fixed or Adjustable
No. Of Guide Columns pcs 4 4 4 4
Vertical Opening (Without Fixtures) mm up to 2500 up to 3200 890-2900 890-3200
Horizontal Test Opening mm 762 762 876 762
Test Stroke mm 600 600 600 600
Machine Base Depth mm 381 438 438 940
Maximum Machine Height mm 2900 - 4000 3200 - 3900 5100 - 5400 4300 - 5590
Machine Weight kg 2300-2600 3300-3660 5160-5265 9040-9635
Optional T- Slot Table   Available Available Available Available
Maximum Test Speed mm/min 150-250 150-200 150-200 150-200
Load Cell Accuracy Class   0,5 According to 7500-1 0,5 According to 7500-2 0,5 According to 7500-3 0,5 According to 7500-4
Standard Load Cell Accuracy/ Class 0.5 From kN 60 100 150 200
High Precision  Load Cell Accuracy/ Class 0.5 From kN 12 20 30 40
Displacement Resolution Of Drive μm 0.16 0.16 0.16 0.16
Positioning Accuracy mm ± 0.01 ± 0.01 ± 0.01 ± 0.01
Displacement Measurement Sensor Accuracy μm 1 or 0,1 2 or 0,1 3 or 0,1 4 or 0,1
Hydraulic Oil Cooler   Air/Water Air/Water Air/Water Air/Water
Valve Type   Servo Valve Servo Valve Servo Valve Servo Valve
Control, Set-Value Specification Digital (real-time Ethernet,USB)
Controller Cycle Time 1000/2500/5000/10000 Hz Depend on selected controller
Measurement And Control Electronics Doli EDCi Series Controller
Measurement Signal Runtime Correction  for all channels
Ce Compliance Yes
Front/Rear Safety Device Upon Request
Operating Temperature 10 to 35°C
Operating Humidity 5 to 90% Non-condensing
Storage Temperature -25 to 55°C
Maximum Storage Humidity 90% Non-condensing
Maximum Altitude 2000 Meters
Power Supply Voltage  3 Ph/N/PE 400 V
Power Supply Frequency  50 Hz
Drive Rating ˷ kVA 8,5 13 17 20

ASTM A1022 Stainless Steel Wire Concrete Reinforcement Test Machines

ASTM A1044 Steel Stud Assemblies Test Machines
ASTM A370 Mechanical Testing of Steel Products Machines
ASTM A496 Tension Bend Steel Wire Test Machines
ASTM D1002 Lap Shear Testing Machines for Adhesively Bonded Metals 
ASTM E1820 Fracture Toughness Test Machines for Metals
ASTM E190 Guided Bend Test Machines for Ductility of Welds
ASTM E21 Elevated Temperature Metal Tension Tests Machines
ASTM E290 Bend Testing Machines for Material for Ductility
ASTM E399 Linear-Elastic Plane-Strain Fracture Toughness (K1c) Test Machines of Metallic Materials
ASTM E8 Tension Testing of Metallic Materials
ASTM E9 Compression Testing Machines of Metallic Materials at Room Temperature
ASTM F2516 Tension Testing Equipment for Nickel-Titanium Superelastic Materials
ISO 15630 Test Machines for Steel Reinforcement of Concrete
ISO 6892-1, ISO 6892-2 Metal Tensile Testing Machines
Test Machines for ANSI/AWS B4.0 Mechanical Testing of Welds

ISO 10275, ISO 783, EN 10080, BS 4449, BS 4482, EC2, ISO 898-1, ASTM F606, EN 12390-3, EN196-1, EN ISO 7438, ASTM A615-85, A615M-89, EN 12390-5, EN 196-1, DIN 50141 test machine

Grips And Test Fixtures for Hydraulic Test Machines


Raagen has a big engineer team for designin of different test fixtures according     to various test     standards.This team analyse the customer's exact requirement  of required tests. They offer   correct fixture types and dimensions     for customer.Raagen offers different kind of tensile test   fixtures, compression  test plates, flexural and bending test apparatus, shear test fixtures, peeling   tests fixtures, eccentric rollers, chucks, puncture test fixtures, specimen cutters and cutting dies. See more...



Extensometers for Strain Measurement 


Raagen offers all type of extensometers to use with electromechanical  test  machines to able to strain measurement of mechanical tests.

 We are supplying of tensile test extensometers, clip on extensometers, compression test deflection gauges, transversal extensometers, video   extensometers, laser extensometers, long travel extensometers and automatic extensometers. See more...

High Temperature Furnaces

Raagen develops, manufactures and supplies high temperature test furnaces for quality assessment in material testing under high  temperature (HT).

Suitable for variety of high temperature tests, including tension, compression, bend and fatigue testing of metals, composites, ceramics and many other materials. Suitable for variety of high temperature tests, including tension, compression, bend and fatigue testing of metals, composites, ceramics and many other materials.  The furnaces can using with Raagen Electromechanical Test Machines to determine material characterisation of elevated temperatures. See more...




Environmental Chambers for Universal Testing Machines


Raagen environmental test chambers provides extensive temperature testing capabilities for evaluating material properties under non-ambient testing conditions. A full range of complementary grips, pullrods and extensometers are available for using inside of environmental test cabinets.

Raagen makes high or low temperature testing is made possible by integrate an climalitical chamber to a universal testing machine.

See more...


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