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We offer a wide range of Universal Tensile Compression Testers with different UTM bodies in hundreds of configurations, allowing you to optimize your testing needs and select exactly the one you need. In addition to our standard models, Universal Testing Equipment equipped with test areas and test apparatus specific to user needs are designed and produced by Raagen. This means you get the system that fits exactly what you need and fits your budget. More choices mean fewer compromises.

Each series of Universal Mechanical Testers are modular, which means they can be easily exchanged for different tests. If you find that the machine test area is smaller than your largest test sample, we can design test bodies with a wider column spacing or longer column for you. Each system can be used to perform uniaxial tensile, compression, fatigue, peeling, bending, shear, tear tests and can calculate material properties such as elongation, stress, strain, E modulus.

When choosing the Tester that suits your needs, first select the test body and tensile-compression force capacity, then complete your system by choosing the electronic controller, materials testing software and test accessories. We can offer you a selection of various controller software packages, holders, fixtures, climatic chambers, high temperature test furnaces, automatic extensometers, video extensometers and many more test accessories. All these accessories are designed to perform thousands of different ASTM, ISO, EN, DIN and JEDEC standard test procedures.

When you are ready to complete your system, contact us and one of our engineers will recommend you, our valued partners, the optimum tester for your system based on your testing requirements and budget.

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