Raagen Dynamic and Fatigue Test Machines


Many materials and components are exposed to repeated loads during their use. Although these loads are at a level that will not cause any damage to the part when applied once, in parts operating under repetitively applied stresses, at the end of a certain number of cycles, a cracking and subsequent rupture/breakage usually occurs on the surface. Devices for fatigue testing are used to determine material behavior under repeated cyclic loads. Dynamic testers are required for determination of mechanical properties of materials such as metal, composite, polymer and ceramic, determination of fatigue life and research and development studies.

Raagen fatigue test devices are used to determine the fatigue strength, fatigue force, fatigue strength values ​​of materials, and to create S-N curves (Wöhler Diagram).

Raagen offers fatigue testing systems of various types and capacities to determine the fatigue life of components or complete products. These are electromechanical fatigue testing machines, servo hydraulic fatigue testing machines, dynamic torsion testing machines, electrodynamic fatigue testing machines, rotational bending fatigue testing machines, dynamic servo actuators, electromechanical linear actuators and multi-axis dynamic testing systems. The force range can be selected from 5 kN to 2,500 kN. Raagen offers fatigue testers suitable for fatigue tests up to 200 Hz at different amplitude values ​​according to user needs.

Raagen dynamic testers are compatible with all accessories such as high temperature furnaces, apparatus and fixtures, environmental chambers, extensometers developed for dynamic testing applications.


Commonly Used Raagen Fatigue Testers:

  • Fatigue testing machines of metal and alloy materials
  • Fatigue testing machines for composites
  • Fatigue testing machines for plastic and polymer materials
  • Additive manufacturing materials fatigue testing machines
  • Fatigue testing machines for bolts and fasteners
  • Fatigue testing machines for medical implants and surgical materials
  • Fatigue testing machines for pipes and tubes
  • Fatigue testing machines for welded specimen and welded structure
  • Fatigue testing machines for industrial components, subassemblies and equipment
  • Fatigue testing machines for gas turbine engine parts
  • Fatigue testing machines for engine blades
  • Seismic isolator fatigue testing machines
  • Elastomer bearing testing machines



Fatigue Tests Widely Applied in Raagen Dynamic Testers:

  • High Cycle Fatigue Testing (HCF)
  • Low Cycle Fatigue Testing (LCF)
  • Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing
  • Axial Fatigue Testing
  • Torsional Fatigue Testing
  • Shear Fatigue Testing
  • Proof Load Testing
  • Bending Fatigue Testing
  • Fatigue Crack Growth Testing
  • 6DoF fatigue test (Multiple Degrees of Freedom Fatigue Testing)



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