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Raagen servo actuators commonly used for structural, automotive and component testing applications.

Raagen offers advanced solutions for all varieties of material testing, including monotonic and cyclic testing. Backed by more than 10 years of experience, Raagen provides the technology and the specialized expertise to perform accurate, repeatable tests that ensure materials and components meet standards. These complete solutions for Hydrostatic Actuators include:

  • Highly stiff, floor standing servo hydraulic load frames for a range of force requirements,
  • Test benches to achive custom design tests for construction, automotive and rail materials,
  • Aplicable, versatile and user friendly material testing software with powerful test design capabilities,
  • Digital controllers with high channel density, high capacity and superior configurability,
  • Rugged, high performance test grips and test fixtures for servo actuators.



Raagen hydraulic servo cylinders are the workhorse of any laboratory and facility. They can perform a wide variety of low and high cycle fatigue, crack propagation, fracture toughness, construction, seismic and other dynamic test applications. Each system can be rigitly configured with appropriate sized servo valves, manifolds and hydraulic power unit to suit the particular application. All systems are equipped with the advanced features of hydraulic power unit to suit the particular application. All systems are equipped with the advanced features of the Doli EDCi controllers, console software and unique fatigue rated load cells. Test&Motion Dynpack dynamic testing software provides the backbone for running many dynamic tests. Other applications specific software module allows other standardized tests to be run. These dynamic systems, when combined with Test&motion and appropriate accessories are ideal for also running variety of static tensile, compression, flexure, peel, tear and friction tests.

Features of Raagen Hydrostatic Linear Actuators

  • Raagen Hydrostatic Actuators are using for precise control of high- frequency motions and forces.
  • They are double-ended, linear force generating actuators that operate under precision servo valve control.
  • The test actuators are designed specifically as low friction, low distor- tion, high sideload for dynamic testing of structures and components.
  • Hydrostatic pressure-centering bearings are existing for continuous high speed operation under heavy side loaded conditions.
  • Raagen test cylinders have large-diameter, single-piece, chrome-plated piston rod provides strength and lateral stiffness.
  • These actuators feature fatigue-rated designs to exceed rated loads for millions of cycles. You can expect highly reliable performance over a long functional life, helping to maximize your uptime and mi- nimize total cost of ownership.

Content of Hydrostatic Actuator Systems:

  • High technology fatigue rated loadcell that has high accuracy from 0,01% to %0,5.
  • High reponse or very high response servo valves with suitable flow rates of HPU's.
  • High precison position measurement sensors.





       Raagen offers different types of servo

       hydraulic actuators as below:

        Quasi Static Test Actuators

        Quasi Dynamic  Test Actuators

        Dynamic Test Actuators






Click here to download Raagen Servo Hydraulic Test Actuators brochure.

Series HDA-S Series
Force Capacities (kN) 10, 15, 25, 50, 100, 150, 250, 500, 1000
Load Measurement High precision, class 0,5 according to ISO 7500-1
Type Of Effect Double Rod
Double-ended, fatigue-rated and minimized frictioned cylinder design
Rod Coatings Hard chrome plated rods
Bearings Hydrostatic pressure-centering bearing
Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke Options (mm) 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500
Mounting Cylinder Body Basic Mointing, Intermediate trunnion, Swivels (Back and Front)
Operating Pressure 210 or 280 bar
Testing Orientations Vertical, overhead or horizontal
Piston Rod End The piston rod has a hardened steel insert that provides an internal thread for mounting load cells, swivels, fixtures etc.
Porting High pressure hydraulic fluid is ported into cylinder  and regulated by servovalve.
Piston Rod Double ended piston rod, piston has equal areas.
Servo Valve High technology, high precision servo valves with variable flow rates according to actuator required speeds.
Position Transducer MTS Temposonic RH Series
Load Cell Fatigue rated load cell class 0,5 according to ISO 7500-1
Pressure Accumulators Available
Hydraulic Power Units Raagen energy-efficient hydraulic
power units designed according to system requirements.
Electronic Controller and Material Testting Software Doli EDCi Series Electronic Controller and Test&Motion Material Testing Software

Raagen HDA Series Actuators are using for following test applications:
Dynamic component fatigue testing
Structural fatigue testing
Vehicle durability testing
Aerospace structural testing
Seismic test systems (Earthquake simulators)

Customer can doing following automotive tests with these servo hydraulic test actuators:

Wheels tests                                                                                     Vehicle bumpers tests
Fuel tanks tests                                                                                 Towbars tests
Steering locks tests                                                                           Front driver and passenger airbags (steeringwheel/dashboard) 
Front and rear side airbags (backrests / filling) tests                        Head airbags (inner lining of the roof and pillars) tests
Knee airbags (dashboard) tests                                                       Special types of airbags tests
Seat covers and accessories tests                                                   Airbag motorcycle jackets tests
Anchorage points for seat belts tests                                               Seats and head restraints tests
Dashboards and interior protrusions tests                                        Full car and truck tests

By the standarts of ECE R11, ECE R12, ECE R14, ECE R17, ECE R21, ECE R42, ECE R46, ECE R55, ECE R58, ECE R62, ECE R66, ECE R73, ECE R80, ECE R93, and ECE R105


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