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Raagen Swivels for Actuator Systems

Confidently meet the demands of closed-loop servohydraulic testing with Raagen Swivels. Available with or without backlash adjustment, these fatigue-rated swivels are precision engineered to deliver the strength, durability and versatility required for optimal performance in a variety of structural testing applications. These swivels provide unmatched quality and easy integration with Raagen actuator assemblies, seismic systems and simulation tables. To minimize weight and maximize strength, the swivels are cast with fatigueresistant ductile iron. Maintenance-free, non-metallic bearings reduce friction, eliminate the need for lubrication and increase swivel life span.

With our unique combination of testing knowledge and engineering expertise, Raagen develops swivels that are optimized to deliver flawless performance and high reliability over years of heavy use. We scrutinize every detail of the design, materials and manufacturing. Raagen Swivels can be used for the majority of structural testing applications that require swivel rotation with minimum backlash. Of course, one way to eliminate backlash is to run loading schemes that do not reverse the load. For applications where loading cycles stay in tension or in compression, or loads are applied statically or pseudodynamically, Raagen Swivels are the right choice.



Fatigue rated desings ensure strength, durability and quality

Easy integration with Raagen Test Machines

Force ratings up to 1.750 kN

7 sizes of base and rod ends, with or without backlash adjustment


Critical Features for Precise Test Results

Sensor Cavity

Swivel Eye

Spherical Bearing

Swivel Jaw


Anti-Rotate Tabs

Accelerometer Flat

Clamping Bolt

Hardened Washer


Spherical Washers

Electromechanic Test Machines Grips And Test Fixtures


Raagen has a big engineer team for designin of different test fixtures according     to various test     standards.This team analyse the customer's exact requirement  of required tests. They offer   correct fixture types and dimensions     for customer.Raagen offers different kind of tensile test   fixtures, compression  test plates, flexural and bending test apparatus, shear test fixtures, peeling   tests fixtures, eccentric rollers, chucks, puncture test fixtures, specimen cutters and cutting dies. See more...



Extensometers for Strain Measurement 


Raagen offers all type of extensometers to use with electromechanical  test  machines to able to strain measurement of mechanical tests.

 We are supplying of tensile test extensometers, clip on extensometers, compression test deflection gauges, transversal extensometers, video   extensometers, laser extensometers, long travel extensometers and automatic extensometers. See more...

High Temperature Furnaces

Raagen develops, manufactures and supplies high temperature test furnaces for quality assessment in material testing under high  temperature (HT).

Suitable for variety of high temperature tests, including tension, compression, bend and fatigue testing of metals, composites, ceramics and many other materials. Suitable for variety of high temperature tests, including tension, compression, bend and fatigue testing of metals, composites, ceramics and many other materials.  The furnaces can using with Raagen Electromechanical Test Machines to determine material characterisation of elevated temperatures. See more...




Environmental Chambers for Universal Testing Machines


Raagen environmental test chambers provides extensive temperature testing capabilities for evaluating material properties under non-ambient testing conditions. A full range of complementary grips, pullrods and extensometers are available for using inside of environmental test cabinets.

Raagen makes high or low temperature testing is made possible by integrate an climalitical chamber to a universal testing machine.

See more...


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