Raagen Creep and Stress Rupture Testing Machines


Raagen Creep Testers are primarily designed to perform Creep and Stress Rupture testing of a wide variety of materials to both standard and customized specifications such as ASTM E139, ISO 204, ISO/R 206 and similar international standards. Raagen designs and manufactures full closed loop servo controlled electromechanical high temperature and room temperature creep testing machines with capacities from 5 kN to 250 kN.

Raagen Creep and Shear Stress Testers are essential equipment for determining the high-temperature properties of various materials. The importance of Raagen creep testers is used especially in the selection of materials for high temperature structures, increasing the reliability in estimating the life of working components, monitoring the behavior of working components at high temperature and constant force, constant elongation values, and in the research and development of new materials.


 Features of Raagen Creep and Stress-rupture Test Machines

  • Raagen creep test machines use servo motor technology. The movement of ball shafts is provided by precision servo motors.
  • Precision is important in creep test systems because precise control is required to be able to stand at a certain load or strain value.
  • In order for the machine to stand at constant values ​​for a long time, Raagen uses the most sensitive components in Electromechanical creep test systems.
  • Creep testing software records and graphs the values ​​read from the sensors.
  • It can be used with vibration damping feet and tensile grips and creep test apparatuses for a wide variety of specimens and tests.
  • Suitable creep test systems are available for both room temperature and high temperature testing.
  • Room in standard air environment High temperature test furnaces in the temperature range from 600 ℃ to 2200 ℃ in a vacuum environment are used with Raagen creep test devices.
  • Numerous high temperature tensile grips, pull rods, specimen holders, high temperature test furnace for creep and stress rupture applications systems, creep test extensometers and high temperature extensometers are available. Many of these can also be used in hot shrink test applications on Raagen universal testing machines.


How to Perform Creep Test?

Creep testing applies a constant load to a test specimen at a certain temperature until the specimen fails. Creep testing, shows deformation in metal or non-metal materials, usually at high temperatures and under a constant load over time. High temperature test furnaces are often used to heat the test specimen in creep tests.


Creep Test Standards:

ASTM E139 test, ASTM E292 test, ASTM D1654 test, ASTM C1291 test, ASTM C1337 test, ASTM D7337 test, ASTM D2990 test, ASTM D3039 test, ASTM D7337 test, ASTM F519 test, ASTM E1457 test, ASTM E2760, ASTM E2714 test, ASTM C480 test, ASTM F38 test, ASTM C1181 test, ASTM D6112 test, ASTM D6992 test, ASTM A732 test, ASTM E821 test, ASTM C1211 test, ASTM D4027, ASTM E111 test

BS EN 2002-5 test, BS ISO 8013 test, BS 4A4-1 test, BS EN ISO 204 test, BS EN ISO 899-1 test

ISO 903 test, ISO 13431 test, ISO 22215 test, ISO 20392 test, ISO 7616 test, ISO 7850 test, ISO 8013 test, ISO 10066 test, ISO 9026 test, ISO 2285 test, ISO 920 test, ISO 29469 test

MIL-STD-1312 test

NASM 1312 test


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